About us

Stichting Clear Water Inititiave was birthed on March 12 2015 and was founded by Inge Feenstra, Erwin Ottens, Anouk Theunissen and AJ Brilstra. They came across the idea when they were confronted with issues on fresh drink water and ocean pollution. They thought it time to act and so the idea of Clear Water Initiative was born.

The mission: To create more awareness concerning on the pressing issues concerning fresh drink water and polluted oceans.

The vision: The team believes that they can make a difference by supporting others in their cause by organising various events throughout the year. During these events Stichting Clear Water Initiative will raise funds for projects involved with constructing water pumps and drilling for wells as well as ocean and beach clean-up projects. Each event will focus on a different project.



Inge Feenstra(legal) , Erwin Ottens (projects), Anouk Theunissen (marcom/press) and AJ Brilstra (sponsoring)



Thamar-Jurgens Annejelmer-Boek

Thamar Jurgens and Annejelmer Boek


Tim Verkerk







Annabel van Westerop










Julia van Rooij

Julia van Rooij











Roderick Pijls

Roderick Pijls









Jalou Langeree

Jalou Langeree