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An Idea Worth Spreading


Two weeks ago I went to a TEDx meeting. It was great! All those people sharing their ideas, that got me thinking.  What are ideas worth spreading? I believe I have such a story. A story which is an idea worth

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Clear Water Day 2015


Stichting Clear Water Initiave takes more shape with each passing  day.  Yesterday we announced we became partners with Beach Cleanup Tour, which is powered by Stichting Noordzee and Boskalis. We are also glad to announce that we received an ANBI

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Beach Cleanup Tour 2015


Stichting Noordzee, in association with Boskalis, has organised an annual Beach Cleanup Tour. They’ve held it for three year already and this time will be the fourth. It will start on August 1st  and end on August 27th. Stichting Clear

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