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Edible Six Pack Rings

Edible Six Pack Rings

We all, or at least most us, have gone out and bought a six pack. Most of us throw the plastic container in a bin, but some of us don’t, or it blows away from the deck of a ship

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Water is …


It’s been a while since her last guest blog but we could drag here away from her training for the next stop on the World Kite Tour. So without futher ado, here’s a word from ms Annabel van Westerop. “We

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Rise above plastics


We’re staying at plastics for a moment. As said before, 80 % of the plastics in the oceans come from land. Even though in the Netherlands there is propper waste management. So how come that much plastics enters the ocean

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2050 Oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish


Take a walk on a beach, any beach, which ever is near your home. Now look around you. What do you see.? Problably at least one or two and maybe more plastic items. Straws, bottles, bottlecaps, most of this litter

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Inge’s Clear Water Story


Inge Feenstra, Groningen, 23/011/2015  – The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted Resolution 64/292 on 28 July 2010 in which it accepted the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for

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On Tour with Annabel


He he, net terug van twee maanden Europa. Als eiland meisje is dat altijd weer een beleving! Elke twee weken een wedstrijd en tussendoor nog even snel wat evenementjes voor sponsoren en trainen natuurlijk. Heerlijk vind ik dat! Heerlijk vind

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