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Edible Six Pack Rings

Edible Six Pack Rings

We all, or at least most us, have gone out and bought a six pack. Most of us throw the plastic container in a bin, but some of us don’t, or it blows away from the deck of a ship

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Beach Cleanup: The City Edition Groningen

Iedereen heeft er wel eens van gehoord gehoord, een Beach Cleanup. Afval en andere aangespoelde rotzooi van het strand halen. Maar wat niet iedereen weet is dat 80% van de troep afkomstig is van land. Stichting Clear Water Initiative wil

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An Idea Worth Spreading


Two weeks ago I went to a TEDx meeting. It was great! All those people sharing their ideas, that got me thinking.  What are ideas worth spreading? I believe I have such a story. A story which is an idea worth

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Rise above plastics


We’re staying at plastics for a moment. As said before, 80 % of the plastics in the oceans come from land. Even though in the Netherlands there is propper waste management. So how come that much plastics enters the ocean

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