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How to reduce your plastic footprint.


When buying groceries it’s hard not to find anything which is not wrapped in plastic. From pasta to veggies and fruits. There are companies who are trying to find solutions to this problem. Companies like Lush who try to ban

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Recycle or not to recycle


Statiegeld op kleine petflessen. De Tweede Kamer gaat er een onderzoek naar doen. Niet gewoon ja of nee besluiten, maar een onderzoek dat een jaar duurt.  Men moet er wat vinden en dus welkom bij de bureaucratie. Zou dat komen

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Coca Cola bottle labels beached


On the beaches of the Wadden isles of Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling Coca Cola labels have washed ashore. These labels problably originated from the same vessel that lost the plastic toy eggs last week, the Red Cedar. The eggs were

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Before the Flood


I recently moved and I now live a 45 min bike ride away from my work. On the route I take I pass streams, city traffic, and canals. Typical Dutch countryside. It seems perfect, but looks can be deceiving.  On

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