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Clear Water Day 2017

Wat is Clear Water Day? We hebben deze dag in het leven geroepen omdat er geen tot weinig aandacht gegeven wordt aan de oorzaak van het probleem. Dit viel ons op tijdens een aantal Beach Cleanups waar we aan mee

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Clear Water Day 2016


On August 6th the second edition of Clear Water Day took place. The day itself was combined with the anniversary of 150 years of Schiermonnikoog as a bathing beach and it was great. The weather at first was somewhat cloudy, which was good

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Education and Prevention


I can’t decide whether to write this in Dutch or to keep on going in English. I think it will be the latter, for that way a bigger audience can be reached and since we want to raise more awareness

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Rise above plastics


We’re staying at plastics for a moment. As said before, 80 % of the plastics in the oceans come from land. Even though in the Netherlands there is propper waste management. So how come that much plastics enters the ocean

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Result Clear Water Day 2015


On Saturday the 15th of August we held our first Clear Water Day on the beach of the ever so lovely island of Schiermonnikoog. This meant that we wanted to raise awareness to the drinking water  problem is third world

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Clear Water Day 2015 and stichting Toekomstig Ghana

stichting Toekomstig Ghana

Groningen 13/08/2015, Inge Feenstra: As you may know we proclaimed August 15th as Clear Water Day. On this day we will raise funds for Stichting Toekomstig Ghana. Who? Stichting Toekomstig Ghana, they hope to improve the life of childern that live in

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