Below you can read about the projects we are setting up and working on. We are currently updating this page so not all projects are visible.





In this program we want to focus on the impact of marine litter, the plastic soup and the importance of propper waste management. We believe education is key towards clean oceans.

The presentation is the first part and is called  ” The Life of the Plastic Bottle”. It is a small presentation and part of a larger story. You can download the presenation by clicking here. note: it is in Dutch.

Beside the presentation we have made a Flyer which has the top 8 most found items on the beach on it. You van download the flyer and check how many you did find of each. We hope you share your results with us. This we know get some more insight on where the litter you collect comes from. Happy hunting! Link to  Clean Up Flyer


Clear Water Day 2017 from AJBrilstra on Vimeo.