New Dehli banned plastics disposables


New Dehli will be first city that bans plastics disposables. The city hopes to tackle the pollution problem by banning these single use plastics which can be found all over. This ban also means that New Delhi is the first city in the world to ban all single use plastics (single use plastics are: plastic soda bottles, plastic cutlery, straws, plastic bags, etc.)

There are countries and states, such as the State of California, China, the UK, The Netherlands which have already banned or taxed the plastic bags in order to reduce the numbers. And it is working. In the Netherlands theĀ use of plastic bags has dropped to 40%. If more countries or cities would follows the example set by New Delhi it would be great step forward against the “fight” of single use plastics. The ban came into effect on January 1st 2017.


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