Education and Prevention


I can’t decide whether to write this in Dutch or to keep on going in English. I think it will be the latter, for that way a bigger audience can be reached and since we want to raise more awareness a bigger audience is needed. Stichting Clear Water Initiative has been active for a year now. Over the last year we had our kickstarter party, we’ve welcomed Annabel van Westerop as our Goodwill Ambassador and we had our first big event in August, Clear Water Day. All in all it was a good year.

But raising awareness is not enough. It is a big part of the solution but with the solution comes prevention and education. This will be part of our focus in order to have trash free seas and clean drinkingwater. How are the two connected? They are connected by proper waste management. In western countries waste management already is good but there is room for improvement. In (upcoming) third world countries it is bad, very bad. If you are wondering how bad, click on the following link for a short documentairy  “The World’s Dirtiest River”.

Education is necessary because people don’t always know the impact of littering. This concerns not just us people but also global companies and the fishing industry. There is still a long road ahead of us, but more and more like minded people are taking matters into their own hands, all over the world, and are organising themselves for beach cleanups, prevention and more. Foundations like us, the Ocean Cleanup,  Surfrider, Plastic Soup, Ocean Conservancy, 2 Minute Beach Cleanup, Project Seabin and others are raising that awareness. We are happy to close ranks with these big foundations in order to raise the awareness needed, educate people and help preventing more and more litter to flow into our seas.

For information on presentations please reach out to us. Currently we are only based in the Netherlands, so I’ll switch to Dutch for a moment.

Wilt u dat we bij u op school, studentenvereniging of kantoor langskomen om een  presentatie te geven over de impact van zwerfvuil en zeewater vervuiling dan kunt u ons bereiken middels een email te sturen naar ( We zullen dan zo spoedig mogelijk contact opnemen.

And this is where it all starts, Education with a capital E

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