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New Dehli banned plastics disposables

New Dehli will be first city that bans plastics disposables. The city hopes to tackle the pollution problem by banning these single use plastics which can be found all over. This ban also means that New Delhi is the first

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Unilever commits to 100% recyclable plastic packaging by 2025

In a press release from January 14th  Unilever stated they are committed to ensure that all of its plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. They also invite collective action from fast-moving consumer goods industry to be

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Coca Cola bottle labels beached


On the beaches of the Wadden isles of Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling Coca Cola labels have washed ashore. These labels problably originated from the same vessel that lost the plastic toy eggs last week, the Red Cedar. The eggs were

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Introducing Julia van Rooij


Goodwill ambassadors, a foundation such as ours can’t live without them that is why we’re so proud to have Annabel on our side and now we want to introduce to you our second ambassador Ms Julia van Rooij, 23 year

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Clear Water Day 2016


On August 6th the second edition of Clear Water Day took place. The day itself was combined with the anniversary of 150 years of Schiermonnikoog as a bathing beach and it was great. The weather at first was somewhat cloudy, which was good

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At Stichting Clear Water Initiative we’re always looking for partnerships with like-minded people and companies. Gemsita is one those companies. It was created by Gemma Hendra, out of a passion for board sports, for the ocean, and for wanting to share

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Edible Six Pack Rings

Edible Six Pack Rings

We all, or at least most us, have gone out and bought a six pack. Most of us throw the plastic container in a bin, but some of us don’t, or it blows away from the deck of a ship

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Rise above plastics


We’re staying at plastics for a moment. As said before, 80 % of the plastics in the oceans come from land. Even though in the Netherlands there is propper waste management. So how come that much plastics enters the ocean

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2050 Oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish


Take a walk on a beach, any beach, which ever is near your home. Now look around you. What do you see.? Problably at least one or two and maybe more plastic items. Straws, bottles, bottlecaps, most of this litter

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Seabin project


Sometimes you come across a news item that draws your instant attention. This is one of those items, the Seabin Project. What is it you wonder. Well it is a trashcan which you put in water or to be more

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