Rise above plastics


We’re staying at plastics for a moment. As said before, 80 % of the plastics in the oceans come from land. Even though in the Netherlands there is propper waste management. So how come that much plastics enters the ocean from land? Think of the following. Ever dropped a candy wrapper and didn’t pick it up? Putting out your sigarette and leaving the butt lying on the ground? Lost a soda/water bottle? It’s this kind of litter that makes its way to the ocean via our rivers and canals.

All over the world more and more people are becoming aware and try and act on it, like us, at Stichting Clear Water Initiative. We try and create awareness by means of events we’re going to organise the coming year. Like a Beach Cleanup: The City Edition and the second Clear Water Day event at Schiermonnikoog. But more on this in the coming week.

Why this awarness? Because the way we go about our plastic consumption is increasing as I write this and as long we all tend to just throw it out, the pollution will increase and so we need to start at the source, which is us, Mankind.┬áTry and reduce your plastics consumption before there’s no turning back in cleaning it, which might already be a little too late.

For now, just think of the following. Would you go to beach if it were full of litter? Would you swim in the sea if it were looking like the kiddy playpen at IKEA?

No, right? You wouldn’t, so why do we let marine life do.

(Video source: Surfrider Foundation)



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