What we do

Stichting Clear Water Initiative is set up to raise awareness for polluted oceans. We do this by means of beach clean ups, presenations and other fun activities . The money raised will be for helping to fund projects related to ocean clean ups, education and research. We have done so on the basis of the following pillars: prevention and education.  We think that this way we can make the highest impact.

Clear Water Day

This event is held annulally in the first week of August on the Isle of Schiermonnikoog. The is our big fundraiser day. Each year money is raised for different projects. Over the three years it is been held we donated money to Stichting Ghana ( sanition and clean water for an orphanage), our own education programme and to By the Ocean we Unite for their research on plastic pollution in the North Sea.

On this we mix fun with the serious. During the we have, early moring Yoga, a beach clean, presentations, blo carting, kitesurfing and we end the day wit our “traditional” bbq.


Our presentations focus on kids and young adults. Why them? They are the future and they are the ones that littler a lot. We have given presentations at summer camps and to college students. The presentation is called: “The Life of a Plastic Bottle” If you us to give a presnetation at your summer camp, school, college or event.

Documentary: The State of our Oceans

This project is just in its early stage of development. The treatment is ready as is a first trailer. But we still need funding by means of sponsors. You can find the trailer below.