Foundation Details

Foundation Details

Stichting Clear Water Initiative is a Dutch non-profit organized and existing under the laws of the Netherlands. Its registered office and principal place of business is at Onderweg 40, 9751VE Haren The Netherlands

Name of Organization
Stichting Clear Water Initiative (English Clear Water Initiative Foundation)

RSIN fiscal number (Dutch tax file number)

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number

Contact Information
Stichting Clear Water Initiative
Onnerweg 40
9751VE Haren Gn
The Netherlands


The mission: To create more awareness concerning the pressing issues concerning fresh drink water and polluted oceans.

Basic Principles

1- Transparent. 
Stichting Clear Water Initiative strives to maintain full transparency of its activities and expenditures. This includes the publication of yearly statements and balance sheets on our website.

2- Entrepreneurial.
Building a business isn’t the primary goal—the primary goal is to build wells, set up up proper sanitation and to create awarness for  clean oceans. However, Stichting Clear Water Initiative believes running the organization like a business is the most efficient method to reach the primary goal and to ensure long-term financial continuity. This principle is reflected in the way the organization is being run, in which the focus is key, and make sure the projects we support get full financial funding. The core team is responsible for making it happen.

3- Governance
The board of the Foundation is composed of at least three, and at most five people, whereby preference goes towards an uneven number. The board decides upon the amount of board members. A non-complete board keeps its powers. The board can internally appoint its chairman, secretary, and treasurer. One board member can uphold multiple functions within the board.

Stichting Clear Water Initiative’s  Board is responsible for the overall governance of the organization. This includes implementing checks and balances to maintain the organization’s integrity and credibility, thereby ensuring complete transparency and accountability. As required by the ANBI compliances Stichting Clear Water Initiative publishes it’s annual financial report on site.

Financial compensation: Board members
The board members believe that being part of this mission should be rewarding enough. Therefore, no payment or compensation will be dispensed for the activities as board member. By official board decision, all board members waived the right to the possible attendance fee. The only compensation that the individual board members could receive is a travel cost reimbursement.

4 – Donations
The Foundation’s work fully relies on donations.

Bank account nr:  NL63TRIO0198383886