We are always looking for people tp help our cause and spread the word on plastic pollution. Today we are happy too introduce to you Sjoske Tuinstra. Here’s her story of why.

I am very excited to become part of the clear water initiative family and contribute to raising awareness for our precious water and oceans.

I started kitesurfing about six years ago and it has been my biggest passion since the first time I ever held a kite. I am super stoked to have won the Dutch championships wave kiting 2019.

Spending so much time out on the water, in the ocean and sea, and sharing this with friends is the best feeling. Unfortunately, our oceans are threatened by the enormous amount of plastic that society is consuming and dumping in water streams. It breaks my soul to see the effects getting more and more intense, leading to death of marine life and polluted water sources.

Besides the pollution issues, also other pressing issues like water shortages, flooding, lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation are intensifying under the growing population and urbanization. During my bachelor thesis I have done research  the impact of the water crisis in Cape Town on local communities. The effects of water shortages are enormous, affecting people’s lives every day. In the Netherlands we are very lucky to have access to clean drinking water from tabs in our home, but this ‘normality’ cannot be taken for granted.

As an ambassador for the Clear Water Initiative I want to contribute to raise awareness for these global water issues, and help out with projects that can help society to use water in a sustainable way.

Let’s spread the message together, take action and create an impact on these pressing water issues!