Goodwill ambassadors, a foundation such as ours can’t live without them that is why we’re so proud to have Annabel on our side and now we want to introduce to you our second ambassador Ms Julia van Rooij, 23 year old Dutch sufergirl. She became 3rd in the Dutch National Championships in 2015 and she is currently ranked 3rd in the overall Dutch Nationals. Besidessurfingshe is studying to become a teacher and  has become our second goodwill ambassador and we’re happy to have her on board! So why did she decided to join and help us? She can best explain it herself so without futher ado, here’s ms Julia van Rooij.

“Since the moment I got the opportunity to see more places of the world, I got rewarded by the most beautiful experiences: meeting the sweetest humans, see stunning landscapes and swim in oceans with amazing animals.

I would love to share my adventures with other people as well, but there is a big chance it won’t be the same as it was. The way how people are treating nature at this moment is truly shocking. It’s messed up when you’re surfing or snorkeling through plastic, and always see tracks of humans at places where you’d rather not like to see them.

I am glad there are initiatives like Stichting Clearwater Initiative which are trying to make people aware of the situation right now. I am honored to be an ambassador and I hope to be able to help in the educational area with creating awareness for kids, and let people start leaving only footprints as well.”

We’re looking forward to a great time and many great moments, so give Julia a warm welcome!




(photo’s 1 & 4 by: Sophie Hemels)